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We test our products under the hardest conditions to provide you with a safe harbour.

Out at sea, weather conditions change, from storms to dead calm, faults sometimes occur and unforeseen circumstances are always just around the corner. We must always be well acquainted with and be able to count on our equipment, which must be constantly ready for use and totally reliable. Aware as we are of this responsibility, our chains are 100% inspected and tested – each single link – at a test load double the work load recommended by us. Refer to the catalogue section and check the load capacity of your chain. Ask for your free test certificate.
Our calibrated chains are inspected using suitable gauges so as to ensure the strict observance of the dimensional tolerance limits required by manufacturing standards, a measurement strictly necessary for the correct housing and adequate movement of the chain engaged in the seat of the forged windlass wheel. Our ropes and anchors are carefully inspected and tested periodically to ensure adequate performance over the years and adequate response to corrosion and mechanical stress problems.