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Our products are treated to maintain efficiency over the years in corrosive environments.

The marine environment is strongly corrosive for metals and requires the use of stainless steels containing large amounts of chrome and nickel. Such metal can then be used for all those naval applications where long life and frequent use would otherwise require extensive maintenance or simply to cater to the desires of pleasure-boat owners to have products rigorously in line with the refined image of their vessels. In all other cases, hot-galvanizing is a reliable and concrete solution, according to the experience of Maggigroup, the only European company to have developed a continuous hot-galvanizing process of exemplary effectiveness and one that sets the standards for all vessel chain manufacturers and is environment and nature friendly.

On demnd we can provide also a Duplex treatment on zinc layer able to increasechain lasting of 255 by additional zinc layer, full corner link protection , better passivation.

What is more, to ensure the high mechanical performance of NAUTILIUM7, we use the very best available technologies for hardening and tempering alloy steels, in plants made by global industry leaders.