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We tailor design the best solution for you; we are anchoring and mooring specialists.

We have been designing boat chains for many years and work shoulder to shoulder with leading boatyards and anchor windlass manufacturers. With our new Aqua7 project, we have achieved mechanical specifications unthinkable for an anchor chain.

Upshot of Maggigroup experience and technology, we have brought the breaking strength of the calibrated chain section to over 70 kg/square millimetre, almost double the performance considered as market reference. This way we have set a new and unparalleled quality standard for those who want the best on board.

For many years now, we have been designing harbour moorings, working alongside harbour masters’ offices, with divers, with Navies and the manufacturers of floating dockyards, making them safer by using new technologies and new devices such as Elastoring. Designed to operate in constant deformation, silent and trustworthy, it is able to withstand thousands of wave movement cycles thanks to its thermoplastic structure. This has been carefully combined with the very best Genovese chain and the very best mooring line for reliable and practical mooring.

We don’t only present solutions, we invent them!