Maggigroup is first of all an Italian chain manufacturer set up in 1925. The company makes calibrated anchor chains and Genoese link chains for mooring solutions. A made-in-Italy brand that leads the way in the world and which today equips the very best vessels with cutting-edge technological solutions, such as the Aqua 7 calibrated anchor chains.

Maggigroup not only works in close conjunction with shipyards and windlass manufacturers, but is also a reliable partner for harbour, marina and floating-structure projects, with its Genoese link chains, with traditional medium-length links, neither wide nor narrow, of considerable weight and which, in its geometric design, features the option of connecting up to other elements such as shackles, rigging screws and rings, reinterpreted according to the most modern design and safety standards.

Over the years, Maggigroup has selected the very best range of accessories for seagoing vessels such as anchors, mooring ropes, mooring springs and complete anchoring systems.
An adequate and functional anchoring system requires a proper anchor solution according to the specific circumstances of use: type of seabed, vessel tonnage, windlass specifications, the characteristics of the place selected for anchoring, currents and winds.
Any good boat-owner carefully assesses such factors and makes his/her choices carefully; we help him/her to do so with our anchors, made from selected materials and carefully finished, aware as we are of the hard struggle they will have to put up against the sea. We also offer a great value for money range of triple-strand mooring ropes in white or black polyester and strictly-polyester plaited halyards. Also purchasable on the website are pre-packed mooring kits, made with the dual intent of providing adequate solutions for both sailing beginners and experts alike, seeking fast and pre-packed mooring or anchoring solutions and who do not have time enough “on land” to specifically select each single element.

Choose the mooring solution best suited to your boat or berth on the website. You can be sure of having a reliable and competent partner able to provide you with high-quality standard solutions.