The experience of our sales team on marine chains is the result of years of work as a manufacturer of calibrated chains. In fact, engineer Corrado Maggi worked for over twenty-five years in Maggigroup , until he became CEO of the company. He is the creator of the product and of the brand name for the Aqua 4 and Aqua 7 chains and he is the first supporter of the application of lighter chains in mooring and anchoring in the nautical world in the early years 2000’. Later in his career, Engineer Maggi collaborates with other chain producers also at an international level. His is the idea of Duplex zinc (double surface treatment) which gives longer life to the calibrated chain (+ 25%) for better passivation and coverage and a thicker outer layer of zinc and his is the recent introduction of Nautilium Smart, the intelligent calibrated chain.

Today the Nautilium staff offers the Nautilium 4 and Nautilium 7 chains in grade 40 and grade 70, Made in Italy brands that today accompany the best boats with cutting-edge technical solutions. Nautilium not only works side by side with shipyards and winch manufacturers but is a reliable partner for the design solutions of ports, marinas and floating structures through the construction of in Genoese pitch, traditional medium-length pitch, neither wide nor narrow, with a significant weight and which presents in its geometric design the possibility of connection with other elements, such as shackles, swivels and rings, reinterpreted according to the most modern design and safety standards. An adequate and functional anchoring system requires the appropriate anchor solution according to the specific circumstances of use: the type of seabed, the tonnage of the boat, the specifications of the windlass, the characteristics of the places chosen for the anchorage, the currents. and the winds. The good yachtsman carefully evaluates these factors and chooses competently; we offer them our chains, made with care in materials and finishes, aware of the hard antagonist role against the sea. Choose the mooring and anchoring solution that best suits your boat or pontoon on this site. You rely on a reliable and competent partner who creates solutions of high quality standards.