In the forefront


Nautilium Smart is the first intelligent calibrated chain on the market and the first chain that follows the dictates of industry 4.0.

Nautilium Smart is a chain equipped with an RFDI device capable of storing important information on the manufacturer, the origin, the documents associated with the sale such as test certificates and transport documents.

When replacing the product, it will no longer be necessary to measure worn samples and send them in order to understand the nature of the original product for its replacement.

In fact, it will be sufficient to consult the tag to trace the history of the product. Valid protection for certification and insurance bodies, Nautilium Smart also allows the opening of assistance tickets for the customer and the automatic forwarding of requests for verification of the galvanizing protective status.

Nautilium Smart is the new green pass of the calibrated and mooring chains that gives the chains themselves an information content associated with the product and preserved over time.